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Geraldton Airport Services

Are you a contractor, a new employee, a tenant or even the King of England?

The Geraldton Airport has a few procedures to follow before we can allow you on site. Please see below the list of services that you think you will need and fill out the relevant forms in those sections.

Visitor Pass (VIC)

Are you requiring temporary access to Geraldton Airport Airside or any type of work or operations?

Have you just started a new job that is located at the Geraldton Airport and require a visitor pass until your ASIC card comes through?

Have you lost or forgot your ASIC card?

A visitor pass is required when you do not have a current Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC). As the Geraldton Airport has secure areas inside the terminal and including airside, anyone needing access to any of the secure areas needs to have an ASIC or a Visitor Identification Card (VIC). A VIC holder must also be accompanied by a current ASIC holder.

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Geraldton Airport Induction

Are you planning on doing any work or operations on the Geraldton Airport grounds?

Have you just started a new job that is located at the Geraldton Airport?

Safety and wellbeing of anyone who enters the Geraldton Airport to do any sort of work or operations is one of the main priorities. Before starting any work or operations you must complete the Geraldton Airport Airside Landside Induction.

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Airport Operator Forms - Access Control Card

Do you have operations at the Geraldton Airport? eg. Engineer, Tenant or Airline Employee

Geraldton Airport has secure areas in the terminal and airside. These secure areas require an ASIC and you cannot be granted access to any of these secure areas unless you are a current ASIC Holder. The purpose of this form is to match your details, including your ASIC, to the access card and codes for your person and vehicle (if applicable) that will be supplied by the Geraldton Airport.

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