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Flight details, feedback or lost property? Let us help direct you to the right place.

Flight Arrivals and Departures

For all arrival and departure times please see our Flight Information section on our home page.

► Flight Information

To get more accurate arrival and departure times:


Nexus Airlines

Virgin Australia

Check In Information

For all flight check-in information it is best to speak to your Airline or the local representatives, North West Aviation Services.

Check-in for flights usually begin an hour and half before the departure time and closes half an hour before departure time.


Nexus Airlines

Virgin Australia

North West Aviation Services

Booking Flights / Reservations

Contact your airline directly for flight bookings or existing reservations information.


Nexus Airlines

Restrictions on carry-on or checked baggage

The Australian Government through the Department of Home Affairs set the restrictions and regulations on what you can and cannot carry on or have in your checked baggage.

Please visit the Department of Home Affairs - What you can and can't bring website for more information here.

► What you can and can't bring

► Can I Pack That? - Dangerous Goods

Missing / Damaged Bags

If your checked baggage has not arrived at Geraldton Airport or has been damaged during your flight, please refer to our missing bag page for more info.

► Missing Bags

Lost Property

For Items lost or left on an aircraft please contact your airline. Go to our Missing Bag page and look for the Items left on board aircraft section under each airline.

► Missing Bags

If you think you have lost property anywhere in or around the Geraldton Airport, please contact

Office Hours are 9am to 3pm - Monday to Friday.